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  • Apr 27, 2021 - Community Gathering: Navigating Birth Family Relationships 7:00 pm

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  • Apr 29, 2021 - April Lunch and Learn: Navigating Biological Bonds 11:00 am

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  • 7 Ways to Love Biological Families April 12th

    When we choose to foster or adopt, we are choosing to honor, respect, and love our children’s biological families. In doing so, we show the love of Christ to biological families in simple, tangible ways. This not only shows them love, it also includes them in the raising of their children, offering them the opportunity to have a relationship with their children.

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  • 3 Helpful Books for Understanding Trauma April 5th

    When it comes to trauma, we can never be too informed as foster and adoptive parents. Reading books about trauma can help us to frame our children’s behavior and struggles in a new way. It helps us approach them with compassion and kindness because we have a better understanding of where they have been and how that impacts their brains and behaviors.

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  • Trauma Impacts the Whole Family: An Interview with Lisa Qualls March 29th

    In this interview, Lisa Qualls, writer of The Connected Parent and at One Thankful Mom, shares how trauma has impacted her and her family. In this interview, Lisa shares ways that she has experienced trauma as a birth mom, ways her family has experienced trauma because of adoption, and how she has experienced hope and healing through it all.

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  • Trauma & Felt Safety March 16th

    Even after years of being in our homes, children may still not feel safe, even though we know that they are safe. We as parents know that we will protect our children at all costs, making sure they have food, shelter, and safety. However, children who have experienced trauma come from a place where their needs were not met. They still may not feel safe.

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