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  • Keeping Connection as the Primary Goal January 20th

    Right after winter break, which lasted about two weeks (but a month for my one homeschooler!), six out of the seven people living in my house came down with the Corona Virus, and we had to quarantine for 10 more…

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  • Tapestry Conference 2021 Speakers October 16th

    We are so excited to introduce you to the 2021 Tapestry Conference speakers. They will cover a wide array of topics, including foster care, adoption, and struggles with sensory issues, challenging behaviors, rejection, and FASD. In addition, we have breakout…

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  • Tapestry Conference 2021 September 9th

    We are so excited to bring you The 2021 Tapestry Conference October 21st-23rd, 2021!

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  • God Delights in You July 29th

    Foster, adoptive, and kinship families face unique obstacles as their children heal from their past trauma. When we are facing these challenging behaviors, moods, and trauma responses, it can become very easy to stop delighting in the Lord, trusting Him, and committing everything we do to Him. Instead of turning to Him and delighting in Him, we isolate ourselves, resort to complaining, or blame our situation for our negative attitude.

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