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  • Dec 1, 2020 - Community Gathering in YOUR town 12:00 pm

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  • Grieving the Loss October 11th

    Most things are slightly more complicated. Some things are significantly more. Frankly, life would be so much easier if we just didn’t do hard things. But, here we are… Going to the grocery store, choosing the restaurant we’ll eat at,…

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  • Increasing Felt Safety October 2nd

    Lack of felt safety is one of the five reasons kids misbehave. So what is felt safety? Our nervous systems have an instinct called “neuroception.” This is how we unconsciously distinguish whether situations or people are safe, dangerous, or life-threatening. When our kids have experienced chronic…

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  • Reframing Behavior July 24th

    Parenting is not an easy job. We are responsible for training and shaping the next generation. That task weighs heavy on me some days. Other days I find myself managing behaviors and not sure that I am doing anything of…

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  • No End in Sight July 13th

    Somedays is seems like there is no end in sight. Shelter in place began in March, kids stayed home, parents stayed home, some lost jobs or got sick, plans for travel or respite got cancelled, and the hard got harder.…

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