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By: - August 18, 2015

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VioliOne family has been a part of Tapestry from the beginning – Anthony & Kristin Violi.  They have helped to shape, serve and lead Tapestry over the last 10 years, and have been a foundational part of making this ministry what it has become.  Here are their thoughts on the past 10 years of serving and being served through Tapestry.

How long have you been connected to or involved with Tapestry?  How did your involvement begin?

Anthony and I walked into our first adoption support meeting at Irving Bible Church about 12 years ago – before Tapestry even really existed. We were unsure, scared and had so many unanswered questions regarding adoption. We had absolutely no idea what to expect at this gathering and weren’t even really sure if this was where we belonged. However, God knew exactly what we needed that night and through the people of that ministry and their care for us, for the first time in our infertility journey, we found hope. That meeting was the first step of our adoption journey and it was there that we met a family who would walk that road with us and encourage us each step along the way. We have never looked back and are forever grateful for that “first” step we took to get connected and find the information we needed to begin building our family. Never could we have imagined how that first step would eventually lead us to serve on the Tapestry leadership team, and offer the same help and support to countless others that we ourselves had received.

How have you seen Tapestry influence and impact the lives of families, both parents and children?

Tapestry has been a consistent source of information and encouragement to many families throughout all stages of the adoption process. They have been a great resource to those seeking answers and/or encouragement. While Tapestry has celebrated each family that has come into the ministry, they have also provided support to those families long after their process is complete. Tapestry is so much more than a ministry helping people with initial adoption or foster care questions. Tapestry is a group of people who love the Lord with a desire and hope that all families and all children find the hope and healing they need. It has been a privilege to watch Tapestry provide that in a selfless and sacrificial way. We have personally seen families transformed and changed by the Tapestry’s impact in helping educate them on how to parent children with difficult histories. We have seen firsthand God’s redemption in the lives of broken people through the work of Tapestry.

How has Tapestry impacted your life?  What have you learned as a result of your involvement with Tapestry?

Not sure we can answer this without writing a book…. Because of Tapestry and the education it offers we have been blessed to receive over the years, we have become very intentional about parenting in a way that builds deep connection with our children. It’s been a learning process, but I can say parenting with connection is always at the forefront of our minds. That is in large part because of all we have learned from Tapestry, Empowered to Connect and the countless numbers of professionals we have been blessed to get to know and interact with in the adoption/foster care community. We also have a much broader understanding of children from hard places and feel like we have a “tool box” full of information that we can hopefully continue to share with other families.

One of the biggest impacts has been witnessing and being a part of helping hundreds of families bring children into their home through the miracle of adoption and the ministry of foster care. There really are not adequate words to describe what it is like to walk alongside a family as they wait for months, sometimes even years, and then finally meet them at the airport to watch them carry their child through the airport doors and into a forever home. It has impacted us to see hurting families find hope through the education of Tapestry and finally begin to understand their children and begin to process of connection and healing. We are forever grateful to the Lord that he has allowed us to share in many of these stories and watch as He redeems brokenness and weaves lives together into a family. We have seen Him do far more than we ever thought possible in the lives of countless parents and children.

What do you love, appreciate, or admire most about Tapestry?

The authenticity of Tapestry.

What is most unique about Tapestry?

Well, we aren’t sure if there is anything else quite like Tapestry! The families are what make Tapestry unique. Their commitment to undertake a life-long journey of educating themselves to provide hope and healing to their families, and then offer what they have learned from their experience to provide hope for other families is pretty remarkable and unique. Tapestry families care deeply for children and for other adoptive and foster families, and that is ultimately because they love God and believe that He can do far more than we can ever imagine, hope or dream!

Finish this sentence: Tapestry is…

…A community of adoptive and foster families who believe God is all about redemption and who are embarking on an exciting, yet also challenging journey to support one another. Tapestry is a community that continues to walk alongside these families by empowering them to connect well with their children and find the hope and healing they need along the journey.

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