2014: A Year of Connecting

By: - January 2, 2014

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tapestry-cover-photoWe noticed a new trend this year with New Year’s resolutions. Rather than identifying tasks to complete or goals to accomplish, people chose one word to represent what they want for themselves or their family in the coming year.  The words identified ways God could use them or where they felt they needed His presence or guidance most. Words like “trust,” “grace,” and “restoration” took the place of “losing weight” and “eating healthy.” As the New Year approached, the theme that arose most often within Tapestry pointed to one word: connection. Parents seek to connect with their children and with other families who are walking a similar journey. Parents seek to connect to resources that may help strengthen their family. Agency and organizational staff seek to connect to one another for support and a sense of community, as foster care and adoption practices shift and change. And, of course, children long for a connection. Whether you are parenting through adoption or are serving as a foster parent, you know how much your child desires to be loved and to belong.

As we seek out new ways to help connect families, we hope you will find ways to connect with others through Tapestry. Throughout the year, Tapestry offers monthly groups that are specific to your family, large group events, and Mom’s Night Out events with topics that focus on the needs of your family. We offer Empowered to Connect Training courses for parents who are seeking new ways of connecting to their children. We offer a Clinical Professionals group that is open to any therapist or provider in the Dallas/Fort Worth area serving the adoption and foster care community. We will also be offering personal Attachment Assessments that may help you learn how your history has shaped how you relate to your children and how you can remove some of the barriers that may prevent you from fully connecting to others.

All year, we will focus on connection. Not only do we want you to find ways to connect with other families and build stronger relationships with your children, but we want to connect with you as well. For more information on groups and events, visit http://www.tapestryministry.org.

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday and have welcomed in the New Year with joy and hope. We look forward to connecting with you in 2014!


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