A Letter to Kate and Carter

By: - January 29, 2007

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By Michael Monroe

On May 3, 2005, we returned to Texas from Guatemala City, Guatemala with our twins, Kate and Carter. They were 9 1/2 months old by this time, and the journey that finally brought us together had taken over two years and had been filled with many ups and downs. But they were finally home and we were finally all together as a family – and that was all that mattered.

Only a few days before we had all arrived in Guatemala City – Amy and I, our two boys and Amy’s parents. That night in the lobby of the Guatemala City Marriott Hotel, on the eve of the long-awaited day when they would finally place Kate and Carter in our arms, I wrote Kate and Carter this letter to express the swirl of emotions and thoughts running through my heart and mind.

April 30, 2005

Dear Kate & Carter,

Today we arrived in Guatemala City – all six of us. It is still hard to believe that tomorrow morning they will bring you to us and place you in our arms and you will be part of our family forever. You cannot imagine how unbelievably excited we all are. And your brothers – they both could hardly sleep.

Tomorrow is a day that we have hoped and prayed and longed for for so long. This has been quite a journey with many ups and downs, so for many reasons I suspect that one day you both may ask “why?” Why did we travel this path? What was our motivation? Why Guatemala? Maybe even, why you?

Truth is there are many “why” questions that can be asked about the journey our family has been on, and is still on. And the answer to many of those questions is simply – I don’t know. But I want to tell you some things I do know; some things that I am completely sure of.

One is that your mom and I love you desperately. We have loved you even before we ever knew your names, your stories or what you looked like. You both are “pre-loved” in every sense of the word. Despite all of the ups and downs along this journey one thing never changed – our love and commitment for and to you.

Another thing I know is that your birth mother is a loving, courageous and wonderful woman. We will always teach you to honor and appreciate the loving sacrifice that she made for you both. Your foster mom, who has cared for you these last nine months, is equally wonderful. She has provided you with love and nurturing care and so clearly adores and loves you both deeply. She will always be, together with your birth mother, a very important part of your, and our, stories.

But most importantly, I know that God loves you more than we or anyone could ever love you. His love is really what gives us the ability to love you, and His love has kept you and protected you – and will continue to do so. Our prayer is that as you grow you will come to understand His love for you; that you will come to understand and accept His invitation to adopt you into His forever family. There is no greater decision you could ever make; there is no greater love you could ever receive. My prayer for you both is that you will become His children by faith.

In the end it is quite the case that we did not choose adoption – it chose us. I suppose you could also say that we didn’t choose Guatemala – or even you – it and you chose us in the sense that we had love to give and you were in need of love. So why you – why not you? Why not a family that looks quite different but is bound together forever with a love that is too beautiful to describe. You are the latest chapter in this ongoing story; this incredible love story we call our family. And only our loving God could have written a chapter (and a story) so beautiful and wonderful as this.

Ultimately it is love and the grace of a loving God that has brought us all together. Our family makes evident the truth of the apostle Paul’s words: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has in store for those who love Him.” God has blessed us all and so through this adoption and throughout our family we are all “mutually blessed.” You both are truly a blessing to our family and a dream come true.

As we embark from this point on to the next chapters of this beautiful story I pray that God will cause and use our family to bless others and bring glory to His name.

With all of my love forever,


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