Adoption & Foster Care Books for Children

By: - April 22, 2011

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There are many fantastic adoption and foster care books written for children, and they can be a great way to engage your child in discussion about his or her story. These books cover a wide array of situations, but even if the situation does not match your child’s story they can provide an opportunity to talk and connect.

Listed below is Tapestry’s children’s book list. Start reading and talking with your child. You will both be glad you did!

A Blessing from Above, Patti Henderson 

Rasa Sayang Bundle

A is for Adopted, Eileen Tucker Cosby

A Mother for Choco, Keiko Kasza

Adoption is for Always, Linda Walvoord Girard

Adoption Stories for Young Children, Randall B. Hicks

All Kinds of Children, Norma Simon

Child of Destiny: Matthew Was Adopted, Phoebe Dawson

Come Along Daisy, Jane Simmons

Daisy and the Egg, Jane Simmons 

Family Day: Celebrating Ethan’s Adoption Anniversary, Christine Mitchell

Families are Forever, Craig Shemin

Families Change (A book for children experiencing termination of parental rights) – Julie


God Found Us You, Lisa Tawn Bergren

I Don’t Have Your Eyes, Carrie A. Kitze

I Wished for You, Marianne Richmond

It’s OK to Be Different, Todd Parr

Little Miss Spider, David Kirk

Love You Forever, Robert Munsch

Maybe Days: A Book for Children in Foster Care, Jennifer Wilgocki

Murphy’s Three Homes (A Story for Children in Foster Care), Jan Levinson Gilman

My Adopted Child, There’s No One Like You, Kevin Leman

My Special Family: A Children’s Book About Open Adoption, Kathleen Silber and Debra

Marks Parelskin

Over the Moon, Karen Katz

Rosie’s Family, Lori Rosove

Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born, Jamie Lee Curtis

The Day We Met You, Phoebe Koehler

The Mulberry Bird (Revised Edition), Anne Brodzinsky

The Skin You Live In, Michael Tyler

The Star (A Story to Help Young Children Understand Foster Care), Cynthia Miller


The Whole Me, Ellen K. Baron

The Wonderful Ways Babies Are Made, Larry Christenson

Twice Upon A Time, Eleanora Patterson

Shaoey and Dot: Bug Meets Bundle, Mary Beth and Stephen Curtis Chapman

We Wanted You, Liz Rosenberg and Peter Catalanotto

Welcome Home, Forever Child: A Celebration of Children Adopted as Toddlers,

Preschoolers, and Beyond, Christine Mitchell

We’re Different, We’re the Same, Bobbi Jane Kates

When You Were Born in Korea, Brian Boyd

W.I.S.E. Up Powerbook (For Children Who Were Adopted), The Center for Adoption Support and Education ( (Comment: An excellent resource to help empower your kids to know and be able to answer (or not answer) questions about their family and their adoption.  Highly recommended for all adoptive families with school-age children.)

W.I.S.E. Up Powerbook (For Children in Foster Care), The Center for Adoption Support and Education ( (Comment: Similar to the original W.I.S.E Up Powerbook for children who were adopted, this resource is a great way to help talk with and empower children in foster care to better understand, accept and handle their story.)

Disclaimer:  We trust that these resources will be helpful to you, but obviously neither we nor Irving Bible Church necessarily agree with or endorse every idea and opinion contained in them. We know that you will use your judgment and discernment as you read and consider these and any other adoption and foster care resources. In addition, we are always available to discuss any questions that you might have, so please feel free to contact Amy or Michael Monroe at [email protected] or (972) 315-9628.

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