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November 18, 2019 The Healing Power of Family Tradition Sometimes life just happens so fast, and you realize you didn’t really think things through. Our daughter had only been with our family for six months when her birthday came.  We had a family tradition of friendly “birthday spankings” that… 0
October 25, 2019 What to Do After Tapestry Conference is Over? At Tapestry Conference last weekend, Tara Vanderwoude gave a beautiful testimony describing adoption as being both a blessing and a tragedy at the same time. The truth of her words struck deep into my heart. Adoption is often filled with… 0
August 13, 2019 Back to School Resources Securely attached children tend to approach uncertainty with interest and curiosity. For maltreated children, however, uncertainty overwhelms, frightens, and freezes them in their track. Since the learning process is, by definition, about not knowing something, we should not be surprised… 0
August 1, 2019 An Adoptive Mommy’s Purse I met my sons for the first time 10 years ago.  Even after so many years, the anxiety I felt in that moment is palpable. Sweaty palms. Upset stomach. The intense urge to flight somewhere in the complete opposite direction.… 0