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Amy Monroe and a few other Tapestry moms share their desire to love God with all of their heart, soul, mind and strength as they travel the ups and downs of the adoption journey.

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Compassion Is the Answer. What’s the Question?

posted on March 2, 2014

I’ve been talking with a lot of moms lately and many of them are struggling with their kids.  I get it.  There are days I struggle too.  The issues we face vary from the small, frustrating and everyday, to the big,…… Read More

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May I Have a Compromise?

posted on February 3, 2014

When people hear our kids ask, “May I have a compromise?” they tend to look at us a bit funny. They seem completely confused when we respond to our kids as if requesting a compromise is normal. But at our…… Read More

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Let’s Try That Again

posted on January 23, 2014

“Let’s try that again” is a phrase heard daily at our house. With six kids in our home, we are always looking for simple ways to correct our kid’s unwanted behaviors without seeming like we are always correcting them. One…… Read More

Holiday Challenges and Opportunities

posted on December 12, 2013

The holidays are a wonderful time for all of us … but they also mean that we are with are kids – a lot – and we will get plenty of opportunities for correcting and connecting.  As we all journey through this…… Read More

A New School Year

posted on August 27, 2013

My oldest started kindergarten yesterday, and she was nervous. I think I masked my nervousness in three hours of cooking, preparing myself for the week. For 8 years I was the teacher reassuring parents, so aside from a couple days…… Read More

Nurturing with Band Aids

posted on August 20, 2013

Band aids. We all have seen kids covered in band aids. Maybe you have even had your own kid go through an entire box in a day, but have you ever considered how a band aid expresses and teaches nurture.…… Read More

Sharing Stories

posted on August 13, 2013

On Wednesday, I was sitting watching my oldest daughter in her gymnastics class when I heard, “Excuse me but you look familiar, do you go to IBC (Irving Bible Church)? Have you ever spoken up front?” As I answered yes…… Read More

Giving Kids a Choice Gives Them a Voice

posted on August 6, 2013

This post is from Kayla North. She and her husband, Ryan, are a part of the Tapestry Leadership team. You can check out the original post here or read the re-print below: There are so many parenting theories and methods out there. I’ve…… Read More

May I Have a Compromise

posted on July 30, 2013

Ryan and Kayla North have recently joined the Tapestry Leadership team. They have been a part of Tapestry and IBC for many years, and we are grateful for their willingness to serve. You can read more about the Norths here…… Read More


posted on July 23, 2013

As my husband and I continue on our adoption journey, we have met people who are willing to be vulnerable and share their experiences as an adoptee. Recently I’ve read interviews with Tara Bradford and Carissa Woodwyk. Tara’s interview was…… Read More