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The Practical Gospel

posted on September 27, 2012

Is the Gospel at odds with becoming prepared and equipped for the adoption or foster care journey? Does learning and seeking help in any way diminish the role of the Gospel? In this session, presented at the 2011 Tapestry Adoption…… Read More

Shop at the Tapestry Online Store

posted on September 24, 2012

Tapestry has launched an online store at, where you will find select resources such as DVDs, audio CDs (coming later this week), and Tapestry t-shirts.  You can also order print copies of the Created To Connect study guide and…… Read More

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…And They Lived Faithfully Ever After

posted on September 3, 2012

His Master replied, “Well done, good and faithful servant…” Matthew 25:21 (NIV) Everyone loves a story with a happy ending.  It’s the stuff that best-selling books and box office hits are made of.  Happy endings lift our spirits and inspire…… Read More

Talking Honestly About Disruption

posted on April 13, 2012

In the shadows of much that is good and right and beautiful about adoption, there is the reality that some adoptive placements don’t last — they disrupt and dissolve.  This happens for a multitude of reasons, and each situation is as…… Read More

Pre-Conference Intensives at Summit VIII in May

posted on March 30, 2012

Summit VIII is coming soon on May 3-4 at Saddleback Church in Southern California.  In addition, there are some terrific Pre-Conference Intensives on Wednesday, May 2. Tapestry is hosting one of these pre-conference intensives entitled Take it to the Next Level: Adoption & Orphan…… Read More

Join Tapestry at Summit VIII in May

posted on March 27, 2012

Summit VIII is at Saddleback Church in Southern California, May 3-4, 2012, and it is only 6 weeks away. Summit VIII offers many workshops that cover topics involving Adoption, Advocacy, Foster Care, Global Orphan Care, and the list goes on.…… Read More

Precious in His Sight

posted on March 5, 2012

Empowered To Connect recently posted the following new audio resource featuring Dr. Karyn Purvis. Each year the Christian Alliance for Orphans hosts its annual Summit. At Summit VII in 2011 Dr. Karyn Purvis was featured as one of the keynote…… Read More

What Every Adoptive Parent Should Know

posted on November 18, 2011

In order to truly understand ‘children from hard places’ — what they have experienced, the impact of those experiences and how we as parents can help them heal and grow — it’s important that we understand some of the basics. …… Read More

Empowered To Connect Conference at IBC in February

posted on November 7, 2011

Registration is now open for the next Empowered To Connect Conference on February 17-18, 2012, at Irving Bible Church in the Dallas, Texas area. Empowered To Connect, together with Show Hope, will host the Empowered To Connect Conference — a…… Read More

Ten Questions for Parents Preparing to Adopt or Foster

posted on October 17, 2011

We believe it is critically important that parents who are preparing to adopt or foster a child must be honest and realistic about the journey and the challenges that lie ahead. Just as Jesus in Luke 14 challenged those who…… Read More