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Finding Help & Hope for the Journey

posted on January 13, 2013

It began simply enough.  We had welcomed our son home less than a year earlier, and we were on our way home from a small gathering of adoptive families at a local church.  That evening was spent listening to a…… Read More

A Brief History of Tapestry

posted on October 11, 2012

We are often asked questions about how Tapestry began. Here is a short video that gives you just a bit of the history — The video was created as part of a church-wide focus called Journey On — a celebration…… Read More

Precious in His Sight

posted on March 5, 2012

Empowered To Connect recently posted the following new audio resource featuring Dr. Karyn Purvis. Each year the Christian Alliance for Orphans hosts its annual Summit. At Summit VII in 2011 Dr. Karyn Purvis was featured as one of the keynote…… Read More

What Every Adoptive Parent Should Know

posted on November 18, 2011

In order to truly understand ‘children from hard places’ — what they have experienced, the impact of those experiences and how we as parents can help them heal and grow — it’s important that we understand some of the basics. …… Read More

Creating a Healthy Adoption Culture in Your Church

posted on June 5, 2011

The church must play a critical and unique role in the adoption and foster care journey. Not only can the church proclaim the love of God and a deeper understanding of our adoption into His forever family through faith in…… Read More

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CAO’s Church Ministry Resource Library

posted on May 21, 2011

The Christian Alliance for Orphansis a national organization that unites nearly 100 respected Christian adoption, foster care and global orphan care organizations together with a national network of churches. Tapestry (Irving Bible Church) is a proud member of the Christian Alliance…… Read More

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So Now What Do We Do?

posted on April 24, 2011

Practical Ideas for Adoption and Foster Care Ministries It is exciting to see more and more church adoption and foster care ministries being launched.  There are many helpful resources available to help new church ministries as they get started –…… Read More

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No One Said This Would Be Easy

posted on April 24, 2011

Challenges to Expect in Adoption & Foster Care Ministry Adoption and foster care ministry in the church is not easy.  There, we said it.  We know it may not be the most “encouraging” thing you have ever heard – but it’s honest. …… Read More

Empowered To Connect

posted on April 13, 2011

Empowered To Connect is an online resource that provides free articles, videos and audio that highlights the work of Dr. Karyn Purvis.  Dr. Purvis is a developmental psychologist and the Director of the TCU Institute of Child Development. She has spent the…… Read More

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Resources for Church Ministries in North Texas

posted on February 5, 2011

It is often said “there is strength in numbers.” We believe that this is certainly true when it comes to church adoption, foster and orphan care ministry. As a result, the following church collaborations have been established to connect churches…… Read More

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