Private: Empowered Teens

By: - January 26, 2017

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Empowered Teens was created for adopted teens in 6th-12th grade, this class will be a fun, active, low-pressure way to connect with other adopted teens and learn valuable life skills.  We will be using concepts from Empowered to Connect and activities from Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Teens, covering everything from “what is mindfulness?” to taking tests mindfully. We’ll also practice calming exercises and brain breaks while incorporating skills for negotiating needs and managing stress.

This class will be lead by adoptive moms Kristin Mathis, OTR, TBRI Trainer, Anna Erickson, MSW, and Kayla North, ETC parent trainer.

This class is FREE and open to all adopted teens whose parents are enrolled in our ETC parent training (currently enrolled or those who have taken ETC in the past 2 years). Teens of parents enrolled in the CPRT course are also welcome. Parents and little siblings not allowed. 

Click here to register your child for Empowered Teens. You can contact Kayla North at if you have any questions.


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