Babysitter Training – Colleyville

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Looking for a way to serve foster children and their families?  This is it!

Trauma-Informed Babysitter Training

March 7th from 9am-4pm at First Colleyville

Finding a verified, trustworthy babysitter is one of the most critical parts of a foster family’s support system. The process to become verified is a bit tedious, but we promise it’ll be worth it!

We are looking for responsible adults and teens (16 and older) who are willing to learn new skills in order to meet the needs of this unique population of kids.

You will need to already have a connection to at least one foster family in order to participate. Once verified, you can connect with agencies who can help you find additional families to babysit for.

Babysitters will be required to complete an application, background checks, and fingerprinting in order to ensure the safety of children in foster care. In addition, babysitters will complete a one day training that will cover transportation & medication, CPR/First Aid,  and behavior strategies to help you care for the kids.

Click HERE to find out how you can get started today.

Participating organizations are:

ACH Family Services

Arrow Child and Family Ministries

A World For Children

CK Family Services

Kids First Inc.

MCH Family Outreach


Safe Families for Children

Texas Baptist Home for Children

Don’t see your agency? Reach out to them and ask them to join the collaboration. They can email for more information.

Event Date Title Location Map
Mar 7, 2020 - 9:00 am Babysitter Training – Colleyville 5300 Colleyville Blvd, Colleyville, TX 76034 View