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Our Vision is a healing home for every child

Our Mission is to support and equip those caring for vulnerable children. We empower the local churches, agencies, and families with the tools and resources to bring healing to adoptive and foster parents, children, and their families. We develop authentic community, offer relevant training for parents and professionals, and step into the hard places where families need to most support.

Our Values include Trauma-informed, Compassionate, Faith centered, Family-oriented, Healing-focused, Discipling

Our Core Belief is that all children deserve a loving and healing family. Families who are called to adopt and foster need the proper tools to parent their child’s unique needs that are a result of early abuse, neglect, and abandonment. The Christian community and the church body are called to come alongside, wrap around, and enter in with these families.

Tapestry is built upon four basic pillars:

Support and Encouragement – Families need a community of people to wrap around and walk alongside them.

Equipping – Through our annual conference & ongoing trainings, parents and professionals are given opportunities to learn about trauma, its impacts, and develop the skills to build relationships with children in order to create healing homes.

Crisis Intervention – Too often families find themselves at a point of crisis, with their children or in their marriages, as a result of the trauma. Tapestry works with families and churches to help navigate these crisis moments.

Strategic Partnerships – We work with churches, nonprofits, and other organizations to bring the best resources, training, and support to the families we serve.