Parenting with Support

By: - February 7, 2017

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Parenting can be difficult, especially as you learn about what you bring to the relationship, what your triggers are, your children’s triggers; add on the stress of having a number of professionals involved in your daily life and you’ll quickly realize why a good support group is so important.

I attended Tapestry’s Connected Moms support group in January and found it to be a time of learning, a time where I could share some of the things on my heart and mind, a place where I could give encouragement, and a place where I could laugh in good company.  Let me share a bit about what this particular group meant to me.

We were blessed to have an adult adoptee attend group this past week who is a foster parent herself as well. We listened as she shared parts of her story; the hard times she challenged us to do better with as well as pleasant memories. It was both an honor and a privilege to hear from and adult adoptee who shared such valuable content to us foster/adoptive moms. I left the group thinking about how we approach sharing our children’s stories with them, how we help them connect to their beginnings, the language we use, and the feelings they may have. The opportunity to connect with and learn from an adult adoptee in such a real way is immeasurable.

Connected Moms also allowed me a welcoming place to share what was on my heart and mind. The week leading up to the group involved preparing to send a little one in our care to a kinship placement. This group of women understood the emotions and feelings I was going through because several of them had been too. I was able to find encouragement and peace because of this group. In turn, I was also able to support other moms as they shared situations they were dealing with. One of my favorite parts of support groups is being able to laugh together over unique situations. Other mom friends aren’t familiar with the forms we need for medical appointments and how flustered we might feel when we forget them; however, we can sit back and laugh together over this!

Lastly, Connected Moms gives me the strength to keep going. Some days are particularly hard and trying. With a good support group, I know I can reach out to the friends I’ve made and ask for prayers or maybe someone to come over. I know that I can look forward to that time of friendship and fellowship; those few precious in the middle of the week that serve as a break, as a reset. For me, a support group is invaluable. I do not know where this foster/adoptive journey will take me, but I know I’ve got great company alongside me cheering for me, praying for me, and holding me up.

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