Putting It All Together

By: - August 28, 2012

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It’s amazing to see what happens as moms and dads really grab hold of the principles and strategies offered by Empowered To Connect and mix them with their own God-given creativity, insight, and understanding.

For example, this blog post by Tona Ottinger entitled “Time In” and Our “Time In Bin”, where she offers not only her take on how their family effectively uses the “time in” strategy, but also a great explanation of the “why” behind it.

Read Tona’s thoughts and then figure out what it looks like for you to “connect while correcting” with your kids.  Visit www.empoweredtoconnect.org for some terrific, free resources to help you learn more.

In addition, you can learn more from Tona and Mark at the upcoming 2012 Tapestry Conference, where they will be leading a session entitled Playful.

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