Seeing Birthmothers in a New Light

By: - June 26, 2011

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Annie McClellan and her husband Scott serve on the Tapestry Leadership Team. They recently welcomed Maggie to their family in May.

Maggie’s birth provided Annie with a new perspective on how God builds families. But the experience of childbirth also shed new light on what birthmothers experience as they make the difficult choice to follow through with an adoption plan.

Annie recently blogged about some of her thoughts and emotions as she reflected on her experience of childbirth.  Annie writes:

“As I sat in my room recovering from giving childbirth, I couldn’t help but think of the birth mothers in the adoption process. What if you are a birth mother who has chosen to make an adoption plan? Where do they send you after you give birth? Do they send you to the same postpartum floor? Because that seems cruel. When you’re on that floor, you can hear the other babies, parents, and well-wishers. Everyone is happy and excited, but what if you had just made one of the most difficult decisions of your life? Where are you then? And who is with you?”

Annie’s perspective reminds us that loss and grief is always part of redemptive journey of adoption.  Click here to read the rest of Annie’s thoughts.

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