Starting an Adoption Assistance Fund in Your Church

By: - February 5, 2011

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Increasingly more and more churches are establishing adoption assistance funds or similar financial assistance efforts to help families address and overcome the financial barriers to adoption. This is a great way to connect resources and needs within your church and community in order to bless the life of a child and a family forever.

There are several different ways to establish an adoption assistance fund and it can sometimes be a challenge to figure out which way is best for your church. Below are some helpful resources for you to consider:

  • Show HopeShow Hope (formerly Shaohannah’s Hope) is an adoption and orphan care ministry that was begun by Stephen Curtis Chapman and Mary Beth Chapman and it has published some helpful and informative resources designed to help churches launch adoption assistance funds. Click here to find their Beginning Guide to Starting an Adoption Fund and the Complete Guide to Starting an Adoption Fund (which requires free registration).
  • Borrow from Tapestry’s Experience – You can find more information about the Tapestry Adoption Assistance Fund and view a strategy guide for the Tapestry Fund.  If you don’t find the answers you need, feel free to contact Michael Monroe at [email protected].
  • Lifesong for Orphans – Tapestry has partnered with Lifesong for Orphans since late 2006.  You can learn more about LifeSong and its ministry at
  • Resources from Other Churches About Their Assistance Funds – Church ministries that have already established adoption assistance funds are often the best resources for other ministries wanting to do the same. In addition to our fund at Tapestry, there are at least four other church adoption assistance funds in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area (Christ Chapel Bible Church (Ft. Worth),  Lake Pointe Church (Rockwall), Watermark Community Church (Dallas) and Rhea’s Mill Baptist Church (McKinney)) that we can put you in touch with.  And interestingly, each of these churches has organized and focused their adoption assistance funds in slightly different ways. Please let us know if you would like to talk with the leaders of these ministries to learn more about their adoption assistance funds.

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