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By: - May 25, 2021

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Summer is almost here! Does this phrase leave you excited for the family time or dreading the thought of everyone home under the same roof?

Maybe you are remembering past summer groans of ‘I’m bored!’ or ‘She won’t leave me alone!’ Or perhaps you are planning a vacation, but secretly dreading it because you have one kiddo who really struggles with change and tends to sabotage fun things. You are not alone.

Summer can be really hard for many of our kids. It means loss. Another teacher they may not see again. Classmates that are moving or changing schools. All of these can be BIG triggers for our kids, especially those who have spent time in foster care.

Summer also means less routine and more free play. Many of our kids missed out on early play with a caregiver like peek-a-boo and building block towers. Patty cake and reading together. If those things didn’t happen they missed the foundational steps needed for autonomous play.

So instead of getting frustrated with our kids and continuing the mantra,’Go play. It’s good to be bored,’ we need to be engaging them in play. Encouraging friendship and sibling play, but sticking close by to help them navigate these relationships. No, this isn’t convenient. And for parents who have a job outside of the home it can be especially challenging. But it is worth it. Helping our kids learn to play and use creativity is essential, but it takes intentionality. It won’t just happen.

Our challenge to you is to spend time each day playing with your kids. This might be 10 minutes before work, during a lunch break, or at bedtime, but EVERY DAY.

We’ve even got a FREE DOWNLOAD for you to get you brainstorming! Fill out this BUCKET LIST with ideas for summer fun.

Need some ideas on what to do and how to get started?

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Does your family have a favorite summer activity? Share it below!

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