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posted on August 2, 2011

When I was a little girl my brother and I would stay up late on Friday nights to watch wrestling on TV.  I know what you are thinking but trust me, it was different back then.  The most popular wrestlers…… Read More

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Practice, Practice, Practice!

posted on July 18, 2011

Practice is an essential part of life — that is, if improving competence and confidence is our goal. This is no less true for adoptive and foster parents as they begin (and continue) down the path of parenting in a…… Read More

Seeing Birthmothers in a New Light

posted on June 26, 2011

Annie McClellan and her husband Scott serve on the Tapestry Leadership Team. They recently welcomed Maggie to their family in May. Maggie’s birth provided Annie with a new perspective on how God builds families. But the experience of childbirth also shed new…… Read More

Replacing Dread with Joy this Summer

posted on June 22, 2011

If I am honest I have to admit that in many ways I dread summer. In Texas, where I live, summer means heat – at times sweltering heat. While I do not particularly like the bitter cold of winter, the heat can…… Read More

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Not Your Everyday Conversation

posted on June 5, 2011

Not Your Everday Conversation: Talking with Your Children About the Difficult Realities of Adoption and Foster Care was presented by Michael and Amy Monroe at the 2009 Tapestry Adoption & Foster Care Conference. This presentation focuses on some of the difficult…… Read More

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Things to Consider When Telling Your Child’s Story

posted on April 24, 2011

By Amy Monroe When telling and re-telling your adoption story it is important to remember that it is your child’s story! You are the guardian of this precious treasure, and while parts of his story should not be considered a…… Read More

Check the Expiration Date on Your Compassion

posted on April 18, 2011

We recently moved out of our house to remodel the downstairs after experiencing a water leak. In the process, I was forced to confront one of the more unwelcome tasks of moving – cleaning out the pantry. In doing so I…… Read More

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More Than Just Words

posted on April 6, 2011

When it comes to the issue of “talking” with your children about adoption or foster care, most parents immediately think in terms of what they should (and should not) say. However, effectively communicating with your child on these important matters…… Read More

No Simple Questions

posted on March 23, 2011

It was an innocent and seemingly simple question, but then again I’ve learned there’s really no such thing for adoptive families.  “Are you all brothers and sisters?” Bert asked in his fake British accent as Mary Poppins looked on with…… Read More

The Measure of Success

posted on March 14, 2011

Have you ever gone to bed at the end of a long day filled with dealing with your kids and felt as though overall you had done a terrible job at being a parent?  Honestly, this was how I felt…… Read More