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Looking at Ourselves to Help Our Children Heal

posted on June 5, 2011

Watch as Dr. Karyn Purvis explains the importance of parents being willing to look at their own histories as well as their expectations in order to be able to effectively connect with their children to help them heal.… Read More

Creating a Healthy Adoption Culture in Your Church

posted on June 5, 2011

The church must play a critical and unique role in the adoption and foster care journey. Not only can the church proclaim the love of God and a deeper understanding of our adoption into His forever family through faith in…… Read More

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Better Understanding Our Children – Dr. Karyn Purvis

posted on June 5, 2011

Dr. Karyn Purvis presented “Better Understanding Our Children: An Overview of Common Challenges Faced by Adopted & Foster Children” at the 2008 Tapestry Adoption & Foster Care Conference. In this presentation, Dr. Purvis highlighted many of the challenges and issues…… Read More

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What is That In Your Hand? – Dr. Karyn Purvis

posted on June 4, 2011

Dr. Karyn Purvis spoke at the 2007 Tapestry Adoption & Foster Care Conference at Irving Bible Church in November 2007. In this presentation she challenges adoptive and foster parents to seek out and take advantage of the resources and support…… Read More

Understanding the Impact of Fear

posted on May 25, 2011

The latest Empowered To Connect video focuses on the impact that fear has in the lives of children from hard places. In fact, fear often ‘bullies’ our children into much of their misbehavior. As a result, it is critical that…… Read More

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Insights & Gifts Video Series

posted on April 30, 2011

Insight & Gifts is a 16 video series (developed in partnership between Empowered To Connect and TCU Institute of Child Development) containing seven insights and seven gifts that are highly relevant for those who are adopting or fostering children from hard…… Read More

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Effective Discipline Strategies for Adoptive & Foster Families

posted on April 23, 2011

“Effective Discipline Strategies for Adoptive & Foster Families” by Dr. Karyn Purvis, presented at the 2008 Tapestry Adoption & Foster Care Conference.… Read More

Adoption from the Inside Out

posted on April 22, 2011

By Michael Monroe and Karyn Purvis, PhD. For many, the adoption process begins by surveying agency information, evaluating financial considerations and tackling mountains of paperwork, all while working through a complex array of questions, doubts and even fears. Likewise, once…… Read More

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The Connected Child

posted on March 9, 2011

Dr. Karyn Purvis, together with Dr. David Cross and Wendy Lyons Sunshine, wrote The Connected Child (2007) as a resource to bring hope and healing to adoptive and foster families. Based on the Trust Based Relational Intervention™ model developed by…… Read More

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Setting Your Child Up to Succeed

posted on June 9, 2010

It is important for parents of children from hard places to learn how to effectively respond to misbehavior in ways that both correct and connect. Just as important, however, is the need for parents to learn how to set their…… Read More