Conference 2013 – Why Does my Child’s Birth Family Really Matter?

By: - October 30, 2015

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We are one week removed from this year’s conference and we are so thankful for all of you who joined us. We thought we’d share a session from a previous conference with you in case you, like us, wish there was a conference to attend his weekend.

Watch Ryan and Kayla North’s session from Conference 2013 titled Why Does my Child’s Birth Family Really Matter?

Why Does my Child’s Birth Family Really Matter?

Adopted and foster children share a deeply personal connection with their birth families regardless of the circumstances of their removal, relinquishment, or abandonment. Yet adoptive and foster parents often struggle to fully understand this reality and to know how to respond. As both adoptive and foster parents, Ryan and Kayla have walked this journey with their children and the varying degrees of contact they have with their birth families. In this session, they will talk openly and honestly about the blessings and challenges of navigating a child’s connection to birth family, and how to help your child develop an accurate understanding of their past and a healthy identity while also honoring everyone involved.

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