Ten Years of Tapestry – Bryan Eck

By: - September 14, 2015

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Every ministry or organization needs a champion — someone who will celebrate your success, pick you up when you fall down, and help you carry forward your message.  Bryan Eck is the Executive Pastor at Irving Bible Church and has been Tapestry’s champion for nearly eight years.  As much as anyone, Bryan has been a guiding hand and a rock of support to enable Tapestry to serve so many over the past 10 years.

We asked Bryan to share his thoughts on the ministry and how it has impacted the lives of adoptive and foster families.

How long have you been connected to or involved with Tapestry?  How did your involvement begin?  

For over 8 years I have been connected to and involved in Tapestry. I came on staff at Irving Bible Church as a pastor and was immediately connected with Tapestry and Michael and Amy Monroe. The vision of Tapestry and the lives that have been changed by it established that connection forever. As the Executive Pastor of Irving Bible Church I am grateful for this amazing ministry.

How have you seen Tapestry influence and impact the lives of families, both parents and children?  

I have seen Tapestry’s influence and impact in so many ways. I can tell you the stories of both families and children who were struggling, looking for answers, looking for help, and although the church can provide some of these things, they needed much more. They needed other families to come around them, love, support and provide them guidance to navigate the challenges of adoption and foster care. They needed hope and Tapestry was there for them. It is a beautiful picture of the church in action.

How has Tapestry impacted your life?  What have you learned as a result of your involvement with Tapestry?

As a pastor I immediately saw the impact of this ministry in the church and in the community. I saw families that were changed forever because of Tapestry. But as the years progressed this somewhat removed view became more personal and became a part of our own family’s story — it became part of my story. We cannot imagine not having Tapestry and the leaders involved to help us ask the hard questions, find real answers, learn what true hope and healing looks like in the adoption and foster care journey. My family is an example of a family that has been changed because of the ministry of Tapestry.

What do you love, appreciate, or admire most about Tapestry?

It is the church in action! I think that Tapestry fills this void for families and children that nothing else could and it is done in the context of the local church. The church is the hope of the world through the work of Jesus Christ, and Tapestry is an example of that hope in action.

What is most unique about Tapestry?

It covers, addresses and supports the entire journey of adoption and foster care for families and children and it is all done in the context and community of the local church. Tapestry is uniquely designed and led to walk with families no matter where they are in their journey — this is not normal for many of the programs and ministries in our churches and community. I have said this many times — Tapestry is a model for the church to follow when it comes to starting and leading church ministries and programs.

Finish this sentence: Tapestry is…

….a gift to the church, the community and to the families and children who are in the journey of adoption and foster care.

….life to those who do not know where to turn, who to ask questions and where to find the answers.

….a model of ministry for the local church because of the hope and the joy it has brought to thousands of children and families.

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