The Colors of Us

By: - March 6, 2012

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In the picture, my oldest daughter is reading “The Colors of Us” to her new baby sister.  This particular book has been well read around our house. My husband has the words memorized; he’s read it so many times. Our daughter has even decided that one of the characters is her babysitter, and she makes up elaborate stories about “her” Aunt Kathy. What I love about this book and many other adoption themed children’s books, is they present an easy avenue to talk about adoption with your child. If you think about having to sit your child down and explain the process to them, it can feel overwhelming. But if you are reading adoption themed books and incorporating adoption talk into your daily lives, the questions and talks can just happen naturally. Some children are more prone to questions than others; my child loves to exhaust a subject with questions. And you never know what may trigger the questions, but it’s nice to have examples from stories and of course from other adoptive families you know.

For suggestions on books to read, here’s a link to a previous post on adoption and foster care books for children.

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