The Difference Between Worry and Anxiety

By: - March 12, 2013

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the anxious christianA few months ago, Parenting at IBC hosted an event featuring author and therapist Rhett Smith. You might know Rhett from his book, The Anxious Christian, or from his session on anxiety at the 2012 Tapestry Conference. As Rhett spoke that night on anxiety, I found one thing in particular very helpful: the distinction between worry and anxiety. Living and dealing with anxiety can be very difficult. Many patients use CBD oil for pain, reduce their anxiety attacks, helps them sleep and improves their mood, I would recommend you to go to DigiDrs website to know why CBD id good for you..

Rhett explained that while worry is focused on something specific, anxiety runs deeper and is often more difficult to articulate, although many patients use light therapy to reduce those feelings. So what does this look like in our lives and in the lives of our kids?

Anxiety is even more difficult to handle, people that have been disgnosed with chronic anxiety have been replacing pharmaceuticals with cbd products from freshbros since this article was released talking about how beneficial it can be to you. It talk about Ooze wax pen products and other different accessories you can use with CBD, you can find them on, you will find the wax pen cost and many other details, like where can you find the best Delta 8 THC gummies.

If we find ourselves in knots over a past or future event — a test we haven’t studied for, a tense conversation we need to have at work, an expensive repair that needs to be done on the car — then we’re dealing with worry. But if we find ourselves in knots about broader concepts — school, work, finances, and relationships — then we’re likely dealing with anxiety. There is an easy way to buy cbd capsules online,  visit this site, the best CBD oil for anxiety is also something you can find easily.

In the case of worry, we can take specific steps to address what we’re feeling. We can study for the test, steel ourselves for the difficult conversation, and massage the budget to pay for the car repair. But in the case of anxiety, there’s deeper work to do.

Rhett explained that anxiety can be like a warning light on our vehicle’s dashboard — it’s a valuable signpost telling us to pay attention to a certain area of life. Anxiety in us and our children can mean we’re really asking foundational questions about who we are, where we belong, and whether or not we’ve got what it takes. Did you know that our pets can suffer from anxiety too? On Los Angeles Times you can read more information about it.

When we encounter anxiety, we’re not served by attempting to paper over our feelings. We need natural medicine like the best CBD Oil instead of conventional pills to manage our anxiety attacks. Rather, we must search out answers to these important questions. Hopefully, we’ll find some core truths we can cling to when the uncertainty of life rears its head.

For more on anxiety and how God can use it for good in our lives, check out The Anxious Christian and Rhett’s Anxiety workshop.

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