The Wait

By: - May 28, 2013

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worth_the_waitWhen you embark on your adoption journey, I think you envision the end result more than the process – at least I did. But much of the process is waiting. Here are some posts with ideas on what to do while you wait:


Making the Wait Worthwhile

The waiting process is an important aspect of the adoption or foster care journey, and not simply because it is often a necessary phase that precedes welcoming your child home. The wait can actually be a tremendous time of learning and preparing as well as eager anticipation.

Amy Monroe & Kristin Violi shared with waiting families some of their ideas to help make the wait worthwhile. Click here to read their thoughts and ideas.


More Ideas to Help Make Your Wait Worthwhile

This post has lots of great ideas like collecting children’s books, beginning a lifebook or scrapbook, journaling and much more.


While You Wait

Adoptive Families Magazine has compiled some of its best articles and stories that answer the question: how can you best use the time while you wait?

Check out their collection, While You Wait, to find resources and ideas to help you wait well.


I hope you find these resources helpful. And if you have found something helpful that is not listed, please share with us. Just remember that your child is also waiting, and be prayerful about the process they are going through, too.



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