W.I.S.E. Up Powerbooks

By: - March 25, 2013

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WISE Up PowerbookThe W.I.S.E. Up Powerbooks (published by The Center for Adoption Support and Education) are great tools for any adoptive or foster parent. CASE has published two different versions of the W.I.S.E. Up Powerbook – an adoption Powerbook and a foster care Powerbook (read Michael Monroe’s review of the foster care Powerbook).

The W.I.S.E. Up Powerbooks are terrific tools to help adoptive and foster parents empower their children. Written with the child as the audience, these books are highly interactive and lead both parent and child through a number of realistic situations that adopted and foster kids are likely to encounter. As they progress through the book, children learn that all adopted and foster kids get asked nosey questions at times. However, they also learn that in every situation they have the power to make a choice about how to respond (or not respond) to questions and comments about their history and their family. Organized around the acrostic W.I.S.E., kids learn that they can Walk away, reply by stating that It’s private, choose to Share something, or Educate others.

The W.I.S.E. Up Powerbooks can be used with all elementary school-aged children and are a great way to help adopted and foster children learn to confidently handle their story and questions from others on their own.

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