When Sad Looks Mad

By: - April 2, 2013

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ETC-socialI reposted the description and video, When Sad Looks Mad, below from the Empowered to Connect website.

At my home we have been fielding our fair share of angry words, and when we work through what’s behind those words, I am always told, “I feel sad because …”. Some days it’s more difficult than others to not react to the angry words, but we all benefit if we can get to other side and have a dialogue about our feelings. I look forward to the day we bypass the angry words and go straight to talking about our feelings, but until that day comes I am thankful to have this reminder from Empowered to Connect.

Children from hard places often experience pervasive and overwhelming feelings of sadness, and these feelings are often rooted, at least in part, in their personal history. The challenge for parents is that many times children express these feelings of sadness through anger and disrespect. In other words, their sad can often look mad — sometimes very mad.

Watch as Michael Monroe talks about some of his experiences with this, and encourages parents to look beyond the “mad” in order to help their children begin to identify, express and deal with their true feelings of sadness.

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