Where do babies come from?

By: - January 17, 2010

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Mary Flo Ridley, from Just Say Yes, talked with parents at the Tapestry event this past Saturday night (January 16) about how to confidently answer questions from our children about sex and reproduction. She was also able to focus on some of the unique and especially challenging issues that adoptive and foster parents face when dealing with this important subject.

In the coming weeks we will have more resources available from this event and related to this topic from an adoptive and foster family’s perspective.  But for now, be sure to check out Mary Flo’s latest resource called Simple Truths.  This resource provides parents with the tools to help them talk with their children and answer their difficult questions about sex in a reassuring, insightful manner.  This 4 part resource is only $49.95 until January 31.  You may also be interested in the book, Questions Kids Ask About Sex, also available for purchase online from Just Say Yes.

Below is a short, laugh out loud movie clip that we opened our event with.  Many, if not most, parents can relate to this dad’s experience all too well when it comes to the subject of talking with children about sex.

From the movie, Beethoven’s 2nd (1993, Universal Pictures).

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