Whole-Brain Strategies in Review

By: - August 7, 2012

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This summer we have been discussing the strategies from the book The Whole-Brain Child. We covered 10 of the 12 strategies. This next week, my family and I will be traveling to family camp with other adoptive and foster families, so I wanted to give you a chance to review what we have covered up to this point. If you’ve been reading them one at time, it might be a good time to revisit each strategy and see how you are doing. I know I will be revisiting these strategies during our week at family camp. Changing time zones, climates and routines are sure to cause a need to use these strategies.

Whole-Brain Strategy #1: Connect and Redirect

Whole-Brain Strategy #2: Name It to Tame It

Whole-Brain Strategy #3: Engage, Don’t Enrage

Whole-Brain Strategy #4: Use It or Lose It

Whole-Brain Strategy #5: Move It or Lose It

Whole-Brain Strategy #6: Use the Remote of the Mind

Whole-Brain Strategy #7: Remember to Remember

Whole-Brain Strategy #8: Let the Clouds of Emotion Roll By

Whole-Brain Strategy #9: SIFT

Whole-Brain Strategy #10: Exercise Mindsight

And stay tuned for the final two strategies: Increase the Family Fun Factor and Connect Through Conflict.

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