A New School Year

By: - August 27, 2013

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photo-20My oldest started kindergarten yesterday, and she was nervous. I think I masked my nervousness in three hours of cooking, preparing myself for the week. For 8 years I was the teacher reassuring parents, so aside from a couple days of Mother’s Day Out a week, this is my turn as the parent, and I have had several people ask me if I was going to cry. I didn’t; I just felt (and still feel) expectant. I waited to see how the first day would go, and we survived – so far so good.

Our daughter’s teacher  is warm and friendly, and while I don’t anticipate major struggles, with this being our first time in full day, 5 days a week school, I can’t be sure. I sent my daughter with her teddy bear in her backpack and pictures of us in the front pocket, trying to calm her worries and fears of missing us.

And I’m reading up on this article from empoweredtoconnect.org, “Becoming an Advocate for Your Child in School.” This article has links to a list of resources and slides to go with the audio of the presentation, Back to School: Strategies to Help Your Child Have a Positive School Experience.

I would love to hear what strategies you use to advocate and support your children in school. Could you please share them with me? You can leave a comment or email me at [email protected] I’d love to hear them!



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