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questions and answers

What is the Vision and Mission of TAPESTRY?

The vision of Tapestry is a healing home for every child. Our mission is to support and equip local churches and families with the tools and resources to wrap around and bring healing to adoptive and foster parents, children, and their families.

How often does TAPESTRY meet?

Tapestry has both large and small group events throughout the year in addition to our annual Adoption & Foster Care Conference every October. We have small group events as well as larger community events. In addition, we offer Empowered To Connect classes in various locations each spring and fall. Click here to find out about all of Tapestry’s upcoming events and activities. Still have questions? Contact us at [email protected]

What is the cost to attend TAPESTRY events?

We strive to offer events and classes at a low cost for adoptive and foster families. We are a nonprofit organization and depend on donations to help offset the costs.  Please visit our donation page if you are interested in making a contribution to our ministry.

Does TAPESTRY provide childcare for events?

We understand that it can be challenging to find childcare and we strive to offer it as often as possible for our events. Each event is different, so be sure to read the description to find out if childcare is available.

Who can benefit from TAPESTRY resources?

Tapestry resources are beneficial to anyone who loves and serves adoptive and foster families.  Whether you are a adoptive or foster parent, a professional working with adoptive and foster families, a church leader, or a family member or friend, you will find something to help you bring hope and healing to adoptive and foster families.

Is TAPESTRY an adoption or foster care agency?

Tapestry is not a child placing agency and does not place children for adoption or into foster homes.

Does TAPESTRY provide counseling or therapy services?

No. Tapestry maintains a list of trusted counselors, therapists, and crisis intervention specialist including parent coaches that offer phone and in home intervention in the DFW area. For those outside of the DFW area we have trusted ministries and organizations across the US, Canada, and Mexico that we would be glad to help connect you to.  For help finding these services please email [email protected]

Does TAPESTRY recommend adoption or foster care agencies?

Tapestry does not recommend or refer adoption or foster care agencies, but we have created some helpful tools to assist you in selecting a domestic/infant, international or foster care/adopt agency. We also maintain a list of agencies that Tapestry families have used or are using. If you have any questions about selecting an agency or just want to talk about this important step in the adoption or foster care journey, contact [email protected]

Can we get involved in TAPESTRY even though we have not yet adopted?

Absolutely. In fact, we have many opportunities, that are designed to provide support and encouragement specifically for those who are in the waiting process. Tapestry’s small groups and other events are all great opportunities to help you make your wait worthwhile.

I’m new to adoption or foster care, where should I start?

We have compiled a variety of great resources and stories to inspire, encourage and inform those who are exploring adoption or foster care.  You can also contact us at [email protected] if you would like to discuss any questions you have about the adoption or foster care process.