Back to Basics: Parenting Resources

By: - January 18, 2021

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As foster, adoptive, and kinship parents, we know that children who have experienced trauma have unique needs, and therefore we need unique training, education, and information regarding our children’s needs and how to best parent them. With the wealth of information on the internet, it can become a bit overwhelming discerning who we should listen to and where we can find valid information regarding attachment, connected parenting, and how we can better understand our children’s trauma histories in order to best help them as they grow into beautiful young adults.

We have developed a list of helpful (but not exhaustive) resources for foster, adoptive, and kinship parents to get you started! We hope that this list of resources is used to encourage you along your parenting journey, wherever you may be.



Videos, Courses, Coaching, and Free Downloads:  

One of One Big Happy Home’s Youtube Videos explaining the difference between proactive and reactive parenting.

Social Media Accounts and Blogs: 

This is a list of resources is not complete by any means. There are many voices in the foster care and adoption world worth listening to, reading, and watching. However, it’s a starting point, no matter where you are on your parenting journey. We hope and pray that these resources are an encouragement and support to you.

Don’t forget that we have Back to Basics training available on the Tapestry Training Portal this month, all about healing relationships, connected parenting, and reframing parenting, with speakers like Dr. Karyn Purvis, Pam Parish, and Ryan and Kayla North! Don’t miss it!

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