Can You Say You’re Sorry?

By: - September 4, 2012

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Sometimes, the baby wakes up at 5 am with a fever, and your 4 year old comes bouncing in an hour later excited for the first day of school. As you are struggling to wake up, sort through what a sick baby will do to your plans for the day, and get everyone in the family ready for the day, you might not respond to your 4 year old in the best way. You might be guilty of what she accuses. So what do you do? Choose pride or humility?

Well Dr. Karyn Purvis shares her thoughts here:

And Amy Monroe shares her thoughts here:

Can you say you’re sorry to your children? Can you ask for forgiveness?

Both Dr. Purvis and Amy Monroe suggest you, the parent, repair the mistakes you make. Though it is never easy to admit fault and ask for forgiveness, we should do what is necessary to connect with our kids and build strong relationships. Then we should let ourselves off the hook because we are all going to make mistakes. Plus, tomorrow you will get to try again…and again…and again.


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