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Back to School Resources

posted on August 13, 2019

Securely attached children tend to approach uncertainty with interest and curiosity. For maltreated children, however, uncertainty overwhelms, frightens, and freezes them in their track. Since the learning process is, by definition, about not knowing something, we should not be surprised…… Read More

A New School Year

posted on August 27, 2013

My oldest started kindergarten yesterday, and she was nervous. I think I masked my nervousness in three hours of cooking, preparing myself for the week. For 8 years I was the teacher reassuring parents, so aside from a couple days…… Read More

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Advocating for Our Children in School

posted on September 17, 2011

The school experience is an important aspect in the life of a child.  And yet, school often presents unique and sometimes unexpected challenges for both children and parents in adoptive and foster families. Tapestry is hosting an event tonight (Saturday,…… Read More

Resources to Help Parents Advocate for Their Child in School

posted on September 17, 2011

Adopted and foster children have unique histories and, as a result, they also have unique needs when it comes to school. Tapestry recently hosted an event, Back to School: Strategies to Help Your Child Have a Positive School Experience, which focused…… Read More