Resources for Birthmothers

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Seeing Birthmothers in a New Light

posted on June 26, 2011

Annie McClellan and her husband Scott serve on the Tapestry Leadership Team. They recently welcomed Maggie to their family in May. Maggie’s birth provided Annie with a new perspective on how God builds families. But the experience of childbirth also shed new…… Read More

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Resources for Birth Parents

posted on April 22, 2011

Listed below are some resources that we believe will be helpful and encouraging for birth parents: The Mask of Perfection Read the moving words that one birthmother shared with her church 25 years after she placed her child for adoption…… Read More

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The Mask of Perfection

posted on April 18, 2011

The following are the words Grace Ann shared with her church nearly 25 years after she placed her daughter for adoption. “When I asked for a few minutes to share some personal things in a public way, I wasn’t aware…… Read More

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She Who Truly Loves

posted on March 6, 2011

By Miroslav Volf The first thing I saw was a tear–an unforgettable giant tear in the big brown eye of a ten-year-old girl. Then I saw tears in her mother’s eyes. In these tears, just enough joy was mixed with…… Read More