Listening In – The Listen to Our Hearts DVD

By: - April 15, 2013

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tapestry_dvd_coverThis past week Tapestry hosted a Women’s Event titled Something to Talk About and a Large Group Event titled Tell Me a Story.

The Women’s Event focused on when, how, and what to say to our kids, and the Large Group Event focused on knowing our stories – current and past – and being able to share them. Knowing our own stories and teaching our kids about their stories are integral to developing our relationships with our children. As we are navigating this with ourselves and our children, we may wonder what other adopted persons experienced.

In October 2012, Tapestry hosted an event titled Listen to Our Hearts. Listen to Our Hearts was a two hour event that offered the unique opportunity to “listen in” to the experiences, stories, and perspective of adopted persons from diverse backgrounds. To continue exploring the topic of telling our stories and teaching our kids about their stories, we encourage you to check out the Listen to Our Hearts DVD in the Tapestry Store.

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