Looking Forward to 2021

By: - January 1, 2021

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We can all agree that 2020 has been a doozy. From experiencing a global pandemic to suddenly having to work from home and homeschool our children, it has certainly not met our expectations for what we thought the year would hold in January.

And yet, life managed to still move forward, even though we felt stuck in the weirdness of wearing masks and getting our temperature taken before entering into a church service. Amidst a pandemic, there are still people in crisis, children in need of forever families, and foster and adoptive families struggling. Families still need hope for healing, and Tapestry has not stopped in pursuing our mission of supporting and equipping local churches and families with the tools and resources to bring healing to adoptive and foster parents, children, and their families. ​

Tapestry seeks to support and equip local churches and families in a myriad of ways. Although in 2020 we had to adapt a bit, we were still able to do just that. We did not deviate from our mission.

In 2020, Tapestry…

  • Hosted our first trauma-informed BABYSITTER training in conjunction with 10 local agencies.
  • Supported 150 families through VIRTUAL support groups
  • Supported adoptive, foster, and waiting moms each month with our Connected Moms group
  • Hosted TWO Drive-Through Family Fun Events for nearly 200 foster and adoptive families providing them with all they need to connect as a family including a meal!
  • Presented the 14th Annual Tapestry Conference with more than 400 families and professionals participating either live or through the replay option.
  • Provided CARE packages for 50 local families to encourage and equip them to care for their kids
  • Partnered with CK Family Services to provide additional support and training for 48 foster families caring for our communities most vulnerable children.
  • Provided training for dozens of families and professionals each month through our new Lunch and Learn program.
  • Partnered with local foster and adoption agencies to provide Christmas presents for 25 local kids whose parents needed some extra support this year.
One of the missions for our Family Fun Event in August!

Although 2020 has been difficult to navigate, one benefit of the pandemic is that it has forced us to become acquainted with providing services online. Although we’d always prefer to meet face-to-face with families and parents, we realize the blessing it is to be able to reach more families who are in need of encouragement and support in their foster and adoptive journeys.

Below are some ways you can get involved in Tapestry or support us in our mission:

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