Update on the Meeker Family’s Both Hands Project

By: - November 17, 2011

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Bob & Amy Meeker, together with over a dozen family and friends, organized and led a Both Hands Project on Saturday, November 12, 2011.  This project was a unique type of fundraising effort to help the Meekers as they continue their journey to welcome home their daughter from China.  Through their partnership with Both Hands and Lifesong for Orphans, this innovative approach to adoption fundraising not only allowed the Meekers to address much of the financial challenge of their adoption, but also allowed them to help Margaret who recently lost her husband.

God blessed Margaret with 57 years of marriage before taking her husband to be with Him after a lengthy battle with ALS. She also recently lost her dog, a blue heeler named Bandit. Although Margaret has been through a lot she continues to have a strong faith and is upbeat. She says that God continues to bless her through her wonderful children and family members.

All of the supplies needed to work on Margaret’s home were donated, and therefore all of the money raised for the Meeker’s Both Hands project goes toward the adoption of their daughter.  To learn more about Both Hands and the Meeker’s efforts to raise money for their adoption while blessing Margaret, visit their Both Hands page at www.bothhandsfoundation.org/Bob-and-Amy-Meeker.aspx.

If you are interested in learning more about Both Hands and whether a Both Hands project is right for you and your family as you seek to address the financial challenge of adoption, contact Michael Monroe at [email protected].

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