Your Opportunity to Care for Kids Half a World Away

By: - May 23, 2013

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sweet facesMy daughter is often sick. She was sick the first day we met her in Ethiopia which required a trip to the hospital in Addis so she could receive treatments. She continually battled childhood illnesses for the first six months after she arrived in the United States. However, there is one advantage that I have as a parent: access to medical care. When she is sick, I have the resources available to treat whatever illness she may face. I feel a sense of peace knowing that a gentle, knowledgeable pediatrician will guide me, give me a prescription to fill, and follow up with me until she is well.

When I traveled to Bungoma, Kenya on a Beyond Adoption mission last fall and met so many children without access to medical care, my heart broke. These precious children are wonderful creations of God, just like my daughter. Yet, they suffer needlessly with illnesses and diseases that are easily treatable with proper medical care. Issues like respiratory infections, asthma, skin infections, and simple childhood illnesses hinder the lives of these little ones because no medical care is available. For example, many of these children were covered in ring worm. I not only realized how fortunate we are, but realized we could not walk away knowing we had the ability to take our resources to them. Following my return, Beyond Adoption received a generous donation that made it possible for us to treat all the children at the Madeline School as well as the surrounding community for ring worm. In all, over 400 children were treated. But, this is only a start.

My dream and desire is that seeing and hearing about these children will not simply make us grateful that our own children have medical care, but will motivate us to action.  This September, Beyond Adoption will be traveling back to Bungoma, Kenya to host a medical clinic for the children as well as train local community members in basic medical care, dental care, and illness prevention.

  • This trip will include completing health cards for each of the children so we will be able to track the health of each child as we return, along with documenting their needs to help us locate the appropriate resources to meet that child’s needs.
  • We will be assessing the developmental needs of the children and determining the need for additional support services for future trips.
  • We will be assisting the school and parents with nutritional, dental, and day-to-day health care concerns.

There are many ways you can help Beyond Adoption as we serve these precious children. The next trip to Kenya will be September 13, 2013- September 22, 2013. Will you consider joining us on our trip to Kenya?  Do you know a medical professional who might be able to travel with us to Bungoma?  Do you have access to medical supplies that you could send with us? Could you make a financial contribution that would allow us to purchase supplies and medication in Kenya?  Will you pray for the team traveling to Kenya and for the children and community of Bungoma?

The deadline to sign up for the trip has been extended to May 31, 2013. For more information, please visit, or email [email protected].


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